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Who are deege solar?

Founded in 2017, Deege Solar is a Nationwide Accredited Solar Panel Installers based in Essex. In 2020 alone, we installed over 875 Solar PV Systems across England, Wales and even Scotland. Whether it’s Commercial, or Residential Solar you are looking for, we have the Green Team for you.

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Our Mission

Here at Deege Solar we are passionate about creating a sustainable future, and believe that Solar Energy plays a key part in achieving that. As a family-run company we are committed to making Solar Energy accessible and affordable to all.

Meet Our Green Team

David Norman Deege Solar
Managing Director

David Norman

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Technical Support

Scott Denahy

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Installation Manager

Amy Copping

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Digital Manager

Claudia Picone

Kate Jones Deege Solar
Accounts Manager

Kate Jones

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Brittany O'Brien

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Chloe Copping

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Here at Deege Solar we believe the first step towards change is education. This is why we are using Social Media as a way to increase awareness of Solar Energy and its capabilities. Our goal is to teach Renewable Energy in a fun engaging way.