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Founded in 2009, Aiko Solar are renowned for its range of high-quality solar panels, centred around innovation, aesthetics, efficiency and reliability. Dedicated to continuous research and development, Aiko has more than 1,000 patents to date.

In just 15 years, Aiko has revolutionised the solar industry with groundbreaking PV technologies like PERC and Bifacial cell technology. Internationally recognised as the inventor of N-type cell technology, Aiko is constantly pursuing to develop cutting-edge technology that helps to redefine energy and build better lives for all.

At Deege Solar, we are committed to bringing our customers nothing but the finest. With exceptional power, efficiency, and design, Aiko Solar panels stand out as a compelling choice for both domestic and commercial solar panel systems.

If you’re a UK homeowner eager to harness the benefits of Aiko Solar Panels, reach out to our team of Accredited Solar Panel Installers today. We offer free, personalised Solar Panel System designs and quotes, centred to your energy needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aiko Solar Panels

As a renowned multi-award winning solar panel manufacturer, it is safe to say Aiko solar panels better than good! Focused on All Black Contact (ABC) Cell Technology, Aiko Solar Panels utilises cutting-edge solar cell technology, to optimise panel performance. Their ABC modules, invented and developed independently by AIKO, offer excellent technical values, aesthetics, reliability and durability. Not only do Aiko Solar Panels have a superior 24% panel efficiency, they also have a very low degradation rate of 0.35% per year after the first year plus a temperature coefficient of –0.26%/°C, which is superior to that of other brands. Which are a few of the many reasons why Aiko Solar panels are often considered one of the best solar panels on the market.

As a testament to their innovative approach, in 2023, not only were AIKO named the most efficient solar panel, their ABC Black Hole Series was honoured with the 2023 Red Dot Award for Product Design, and they also won the Intersolar Award, for the most disruptive, creative products and technologies within the solar industry. This validate the exceptional performance and quality of Aiko Solar panels. 

Based on Efficiency, Innovation and Design, Aiko Solar emerged as the undisputed best performing solar panel of 2023. Topping the TaiyangNews Top Solar Modules Listing, Aiko Solar has held the world’s number-one efficiency for nine consecutive months as of March 2023, solidifying its position as the most efficient solar panel on the market. Aiko’s innovative ABC modules, featuring their All Black Contact Cell Technology, not only eliminates grid line shading losses but also deliver a sleek, all-black modern appearance. With a remarkable power output wattage and the world’s highest conversion efficiency at 24%, Aiko Solar ABC modules has set a new standard.

With their unmatched conversion efficiency and elegant design, it’s no wonder that Aiko Solar’s All Black Contact ABC modules are a favourite among our customers here at Deege Solar.

All Aiko N-Type ABC Solar Panels are supplied with a 15 Year Product Warranty and a 30 Year Linear Power Warranty For Peace of Mind.

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