Dartford Clay Shooting Club

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The Challenge

Dartford Clay Shooting Club is the staple of its local community. The ground itself is extensive, with a total of 4 skeet ranges and an in-house catering service which serves warm, cold foods and beverages. The large clubhouse benefits from a snooker table & large screen TV, and also plays host to some evening events and parties. As the Clay Shooting Club is located in a remote rural location, there is no direct connection to the National Grid, and to get one could cost up to £100,000. This energy barrier was directly impacting the business’ development. 

Currently, the premise runs solely on a 100kVA diesel generator, which is inefficiently larger than the clubhouse needs. With the price of diesel at a peak of 197.52p per litre, and the owners using 1000 litres every 2 weeks, the current power source is costing the commercial property around £4000 a month. As a result, the owner was looking for a more cost-effective solution to powering his beloved business. This made a non-grid source such as solar panels with batteries and partnered with a smaller diesel generator the perfect solution. With the recent reduction in the cost of solar panels and the rise in diesel prices, installing an off-grid solar panel system for this local business seemed to be the obvious choice.

What did we install?
The Outcome

A key part of this project was to present a solution that was cost-effective and could sustainably support the energy needs of the commercial premise. As the current consumer board was for a three-phase system, and heavily outdated, our team decided to convert the current system into a single phase. This was because the load demand was only that of a kitchen and single-person office. As the traps were powered by car batteries the only power required was for the clubhouse, which is no different than a regular large home. Another important factor to consider was that the main electricity feed from the clubhouse also powers several outbuildings. Although these have low energy demands, it was important to factor in the cable run and drop in voltage. It is for this reason that a 6mm DC cable was used. The business owner still wanted to be able to use a generator in case the battery storage was insufficient, for which we installed a changeover switch.

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The Commercial Installation

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The Solar Savings
Annual Output
Annual Savings
Carbon Savings
What did we install?
The Installation

The Complete Commercial Solar Panel System Included:

  • 38 410W JA Solar Panels Onto 1 Large South Facing Roof for Maximum Generation.
  • A Victron Energy Quattro 48kVA /10000 – 8000W 
  • 8 x 2.4kWh Pylontech Batteries 
  • A Victron Smart Solar Touchscreen Display, Connected through Victron’s Cerbo GX for Panels and system monitoring.
  • An Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) For full EPS Capabilities due to Remote Location, and so that a Back-Up Generator could be connected to the system.
What did this Business owner have to say?
The Verdict

“With the price of diesel continuously rising, the cost of running the Gun Club was starting to have a strain on the business. Installing Commercial Solar Panels was nothing I really had ever considered before, until now. Deege Solar simply went above and beyond to meet my energy requirements. I simply explained to Deege Solar what I wanted to achieve, and they liaised with me until we found a system which was both fit for purpose and cost-effective. I would certainly recommend Deege Solar, their knowledge of the products they sell and install is excellent, and nothing was too much trouble. They were always willing to go that little extra mile, and thanks to them the Gun Club is green and I no longer have a hefty weekly diesel bill. It feels great to be able to generate my own energy and the regulars are always the first to complement our new solar panel array.”

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Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
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