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At Dorest Forest Garden Glamping, they believe that even the smallest person can change the course of the future. That is why they have been dedicated to creating the perfect green holiday, where guests can enjoy a luxury stay whilst not costing the earth. When we spoke to the business owners of Dorest forest garden glamping, we knew that their passion for being green aligned with ours, and we were beyond honoured to take on the challenge of expanding their existing Commercial Solar System. 

The Dorest Forest Garden Glamping team were after a solar panel and battery system to cover most of their power. With 12 panels installed roughly 10 years ago, the system was after an upgrade. The PV system was required to power a 4-bedroom home plus 4 shepherd’s huts. As the main consumer unit and existing solar panels were fitted on the main farmhouse, and the site itself is set on 20 acres of land, the cable run to the nearby glamping sites was a welcomed challenge. 

What did we install?
The Outcome

As the cable run to the main household would require 80m of cable, installing solar panels on this roof wasn’t a cost-effective solution. This meant that the only option was to maximise the size of the array on the farmhouse roof, whilst sticking to a budget of around £15,000. As a result, our team installed a total of 20 x 395W Hyundai Solar panels, adding an additional 7.9kW of Solar to their existing system.

The commercial property was also looking for battery storage. As a rather remote location, they wanted to offer security for their holiday campers. This is why Growatt was the perfect solution, offering full remote charging capabilities so that from the comfort of the main household they still had access to the data and economy charging that they needed.

Our solar solution also included an EPS Switch installation, for emergency power switching so that in case of a power cut the holiday homes could be completely off-grid. As our owner wasn’t sure how much energy each hut was using, we opted for a flexible storage solution so that they could expand their storage as they planned to grow their site. Starting the business with 13kWh of Growatt storage.

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The Commercial Installation

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The Solar Savings
Annual Output
Annual Savings
Carbon Savings
Green Tourism Badge
What was the outcome?
The Results

 Since increasing their Solar PV capacity, and adding storage capacity to cover overnight usage, the campsite has been awarded Gold by Green Tourism, as well as winning the Bronze Award in Ethical, Responsible & Sustainable Tourism. By expanding on their existing system, and installing 13kWh of battery storage they can now cover short disruptions of power, and provide a complete carbon-free stay. Which is a huge tick to their sustainability goals. Their new 7.9kWp addition will save the UK the equivalent of 1.88 tonnes of CO2 Emissions, the equivalent of 86 trees.

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