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Deege Solar are a Nationwide Solar Panel installation company, that aims to create a community of green energy enthusiasts. Through our position within this community, we offer free knowledge and support, through our videos, blogs, images, infographics, interactive tools and podcasts, for both entertainment and educational purposes. The Deege Solar website is committed to the highest editorial standards in all its content and related services. Our green team use our website as a tool to provide objective and trustworthy information and guidance, to anyone looking to go green and get involved in renewable energy.

In all instances, we strive to ensure that data is accurate and non-bias and that all our editorial content is evidence-based. Our digital team consult regularly with practising electricians and solar panel installers with direct experience with the relevant topics to ensure our content is always relevant and factual.


The Deege Solar website aims to put its user’s interest first when sourcing and creating content, in order to serve the public. Although the team at Deege Solar take care in ensuring that all of the information on our website ( and any blogs, youtube videos, and podcast content is accurate and up-to-date, we do not accept any responsibility for mistakes or omissions. All information should be taken simply as guidance, and therefore our team is not liable for any loss or damage, as consequence. We are open in admitting mistakes and encourages a world of feedback, learning and development. 

Taste and decency

All content on the Deege Solar website is suitable for the general public and does not include material that might be considered offensive. However, the Deege Solar team is always welcome to feedback on all its content. So please feel free to contact to discuss.

Page last reviewed: 18 July 2022
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