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What does Enphase Energy do?

Enphase Energy specialises in providing complete home energy systems, powered by the sun. An Enphase Energy systems combines solar, battery storage, and EV charging to give homeowners the power to generate, consume, and sell their own energy. Founded in 2006, Enphase is known for its innovative approach to solar power technology, and are noted for popularising the use of micro-inverters in Solar PV Systems, and providing advanced energy management.

Enphase has shipped approximately 68 million micro-inverters worldwide, helping millions of people gain access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy. If you are a UK home or business-owner looking to take advantage of an Enphase system to save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint, get in touch with our team of Enphase Approved Installers today to start your solar journey. 

How Enphase Works

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Enphase with Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar Panel Package

Enphase with Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar Panel Package

Enphase IQ8 Microinverters

Enphase IQ8 Microinverters

The Enphase IQ8 Series of Microinverter just made the brains of your solar panel system even brainer! Compatible with virtually any brand of solar panel, the Enphase IQ8 microinverter, can mitigate the impact of shading on solar panels, work seamless in on-grid and off-grid mode, whilst also providing in-depth module data.

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At Deege Solar, we take pride in being among the select accredited Enphase Installers in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Enphase was founded in 2006, by Raghu Belur and Martin Fornage in America, California.

Whilst Enphase have systems installed in more than 145 countries, they continue to design and manufacture their range of energy saving products at the heart of their business in the US. Enphase ship and manufacture from their facilities based in South Carolina and Texas, whilst also having support from their global partners and facilities in Mexico, India and China.

Yes! By combining the latest Enphase IQ8 Series Microinverters and Sunlight Backup Enphase can be used off grid. Meaning that homeowners can now keep their essential loads powered during daytime grid outages, with no solar battery required, reaping the advantages of an off-grid solar system. Thanks to the intelligent microchip inside every IQ8 Series Microinverter, switching your home from on-grid to off-grid is virtually seamless.

An Enphase Sunlight backup system provides backup while the sun is shining. Whilst Enphase’s Sunlight backup system cannot be used as a full home backup solution it can provide back up for to 4x 240V or 8x 120V circuits. In order for an Enphase system to work off-grid, IQ8 Series Microinverters, an IQ System Controller 2, IQ Combiner 4C, and an IQ Load Controller and other accessories are required. 3rd party backup generations can also be added to an Enphase Sunlight backup system, along with a battery, to help support the power produced by your microinverters and provide a more reliable Emergency Power Supply (EPS). Enphase recommends your backup loads do not exceed 30% of the total rated AC output power of the IQ8 Microinverters on the roof.

Enphase Microinverters are designed to be compatible with a variety of battery storage solutions. Whilst Enphase does offer its own range of Enphase IQ Batteries, Enphase Microinverters are compatible with any AC Coupled Battery System. This simply either consists of an AC Coupled Controller with Battery Storage or an All-In-One Solution such as the Givenergy All-In-One Battery or Tesla Powerwall 2. 

Choosing between Enphase microinverters or traditional string inverters involves considering a variety of factors like your specific needs, system design, and budget. Each type of inverter has its advantages and considerations. If you are looking to prioritise individual panel optimisation, real-time monitoring, and scalability, Enphase microinverters may be a good fit for your solar project. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for a much larger installation or want solar batteries, a string or hybrid inverter may be more suitable. We would always advise consulting with a solar professional, to determine which is the best solar inverter for your solar panel system. Simply contact our team on 01332 479369, to talk to one of our qualified energy advisors.

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