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About GivEnergy

GivEnergy are a British Owned Battery Storage Manufacturer with facilities in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Shenzhen China. Part of the JMHing group, GivEnergy offer award winning energy storage systems, that guarantee people can save on their electricity bills through Solar.

The comprehensive GivEnergy storage system includes their own inverters, solar batteries and monitoring platform. Specialising in software design, the GivEnergy monitoring portal and app offers one of the most advanced and powerful UK energy platforms. The system allows for full monitoring control, remote firmware upgrades and site-specific settings. All supported by a UK technical team!

As Givenergy Approved Installers, the team at Deege Solar are specialists in installing the Givenergy product range. If you are a UK home of business owner interested in having a Givenergy installation, get a free quote for our award-winning team today. 

GivEnergy Approved Installers

The Benefits Of A
GivEnergy System

Givenergy 13.5kWh all in one battery with solar panels
Package Deal!

Givenergy Solar System


GivEnergy Solar Battery Storage

Givenergy 9.5 kWh Battery System

If you are looking for a Givenergy battery installation, the 9.5KWh GivEnergy battery is simple to retrofit to any existing solar panel system.

GivEnergy Solar Battery Storage

Givenergy 8.2 kWh Battery System

The 8.2KWh GivEnergy battery is a small module design that can be installed neatly alongside other GivEnergy battery packs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor installation, the GivEnergy Battery can be either wall mounted or free standing.  

GivEnergy 5.2kWh Battery

Givenergy 5.2 kWh Battery System

The 5.2 kWh GivEnergy battery uses Primsatic cell technology and LiFePO4 chemistry to ensure safe energy storage. Through reduced thermal hotspots, and higher cell capacity and density the GivEnergy battery is a competitive choice.

Plug Into The Sun

Key Features Of GivEnergy Monitoring

Discover your Import, Export, Energy Consumption and even individual cell voltage through Real Time Monitoring.
Reusable Electricity
Monitor your Solar PV generation and battery information, including your battery’s State of Charge and throughput.
Protect Your Solar

Access anywhere, anytime through the GivEnergy web portal or app. Perfect for updates and installer servicing!

Givenergy approved installers

Our Latest GivEnergy Installations

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