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Founded in 2010, GoodWe is a global manufacturer and innovator of solar inverters, energy storage solutions and several other PV products. As industry-leading experts, GoodWe has achieved many successes in the solar industry, receiving numerous awards. For example, GoodWe is named among the World’s Top 6 PV Inverter Suppliers, and in the Top 10 inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit.

As a major driving force in the global energy transition, GoodWe is determined to provide Green, Smart, and Effective home energy solutions. That meets the home’s unique power needs in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. It’s that reason why GoodWe strives to use low-carbon manufacturing, and ensure that all the casing for their inverters can be 100% recycled or reused. It’s for this reason why our installation team love installing GoodWe. 

If you are a UK homeowner interested in having the GoodWe product range installed at your home or business contact our award-winning installation team today!

GoodWe Battery
Storage Systems

At Deege Solar, we install a wide range of GoodWe products, both for new and existing solar PV systems. The GoodWe ES G2 inverter is ideal for homeowners looking to achieve a high degree of energy autonomy, a reliable power supply, and lower energy bills. The ES GoodWe Inverter is compatible with a wide range of low-voltage batteries such as the GoodWe Lynx Home U Series battery.

Whether you are looking to increase your self-consumption or to add backup functionality to your Solar panel system, the Lynx Home U Series offers great flexibility in both capacity and function. This low-voltage lithium GoodWe battery offers homeowners super performance and a scalable capacity from 5.4 – 32.4kWh. What’s more, when partnered with the GoodWe ES Inverter range, it can provide essential loads power in an event of a grid failure through EPS. With a change over time of less than 10ms!

If you are a UK homeowner interested in getting a GoodWe battery storage system or complete solar PV system installed, contact our award-winning team today.

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GoodWe Solar PV System

Goodwe Inverter and Battery

Goodwe 5.4kWh Battery

A 5.4kWh GoodWe Lynx Battery Retro Fitted alongside a GoodWe 5kW AC Controller by Deege Solar. 

GoodWe and their carbon footprint

Why we choose to install GoodWe Products

As a pioneer in clean energy and environmental stewardship, GoodWe like to make sure that their products are manufactured as sustainable as possible.

GoodWe are determined to lead the way in promoting the global energy transition. They even have a 2.8 MW grid-connected solar PV system at their manufactory base, connected 12 sets of GoodWe inverters off course. 

This system alone generates the manufacturing plant 2.8 million kWh of solar energy every year, which is equivalent to saving 900 tons of standard coal and reducing 2,247 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. From solar carports, to inverters made of 100% recyclable Aluminium magnesium alloy, GoodWe are a solar brand that will do anything to help cut down their carbon footprint.

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