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Solar Power For Homes

With more of us working from home, and energy prices on the rise it is time to rethink the way in which we power our homes. With 173,000 terawatts of sunlight reaching the earth continuously, the sun can provide an abundant amount of solar energy to power everything we do. Combined with our team’s abundance of solar knowledge and affordable pricing, home solar energy has never been simpler.

Deege Solar’s mission is to help households reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs 1 Solar panel at a time. Since our early foundations in 2017, we have built a reputation as one of the most trusted renewable energy companies in the UK. We install home solar panel systems, battery storage and EV chargers 7 days a week. As battling climate change is a full time commitment.

Solar Made Simple

The Benefits Of Home Solar Energy

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Home Solar Energy is a great way to power your 2nd home without polluting your 1st. Installing domestic solar panels will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Cutting your annual carbon footprint by at least 2.5 tonnes!

Energy Independence

Regulators Ofgem have declared that energy bills of more than 15 million UK households are set to rise by at least £139 from October 2021. By Installing domestic solar panels, you can break free from rising wholesale energy prices.

Save With Solar

Home Solar energy can save you up to 70% off your energy bill, with savings up to £534 a year! With the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) you can even earn money by exporting your excess solar energy to the grid.

Power Your Home With Solar

As UK leading solar panel installers, our team can help provide the perfect home Solar Panel system for your energy needs. If you are ready to make the switch to home solar energy, get in touch today on 01322 479369 or simply click enquire.
Home Solar Panels

Home Solar Panels

Home Solar PV System
Commercial Solar Panel System with Storage

Home Solar PV Systems

We make your Homes Greener!

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The Fastest Residential Solar Panel Installation

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