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LG is a global leading technology innovator and now multi-award winning solar panel manufacturer. Backed with over 50 years of experience in the tech industry, LG are a reputable company known for quality and reliability.
LG’s energy solutions, is the companies’ answer to the world’s need for renewable energy and environment-aware leadership. LG plans to reduce greenhouse gases in product usage by 30 million tons yearly, and by 150,000 tons by the year 2020. The company has eliminated the use of harmful substances in their manufacturing processes, stating ‘Life’s good when it’s green’.

LG Solar panels are premium, all-weather efficient and environmentally friendly. With improved power outputs per m², lower system costs and higher energy yield, LG modules have set new industry standards. Making solar more profitable and efficient than ever. What’s more, LG offer superior warranties, and workmanship making LG panels a first choice option for any domestic or commercial solar project.

LG NeON Solar Panel Series

The Neon R series is the flagship of the LG range. With a maximum efficiency of 22.0%, the Neon R panels can generate up to 380W per panel. Making it one of the most efficient solar panels on the UK market. The LG’s 60-cell Monocrystalline module brand, is only high slightly larger than a standard 60 cell panel. With high efficiency, durability and premium aesthetics, Naturally the Neon R panels are more expensive. Nevertheless, the ultra-high build quality, long lifespan, and performance makes it worth it.

355W LG Solar Panel

355W LG Solar Panels

LG 380W Neon R Solar Panels

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LG Solar won the Australian Top Brand Award in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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With over 50 years of experience, LG Electronics are a global, financially strong brand.

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25 years product and performance warranty. Which is 15 years longer than the industry standard!
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