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What is the myenergi Eddi

The eddi is a solar power diverter brought to you by myenergi. When installing a myenergi eddi instead of exporting excess solar energy back to the Grid, the extra power your generate will be instead diverted to power your heating system. Thus heating your water on 100% self generated green energy.

How does the myenergi Eddi work?

When installing the eddi solar diverter, a grid current sensor, also known as a CT Clamp, is clipped around the incoming cable supply to monitor the excess solar energy available. The eddi then interrupts this flow of excess energy, and optimises your system by diverting it towards your heating devices. This sensor, available wireless too, will automatically adjust the voltage according to your electricity demand, and to optimise usage. You can also pair the eddi with the myenergi harvi for a fully wireless install, which using myenergi’s VariSineTM technology ensures full compliance with worldwide power grid standards.

The Key Features Of the
myenergi Eddi

Myenergi Eddi And Hub Installer

myenergi Eddi Power diverter
and myenergi Hub

Here at Deege Solar we install the myenergi Eddi and myenergi hub together as a package. The myenergi hub allows you to connect all your myenergi products in one place, for remote control and energy monitoring. 

Plug Into The Sun

Why Choose The myenergi Eddi Solar Diverter?


Bring an eddi into your home and make the most of the 100% green energy generated from your solar PV or wind system.

Reusable Electricity

Th myenergi eddi is a reliable UK best selling solar power diverter, compatible with the entire myenergi product family.

Protect Your Solar

The myenergi eddi is manufactured in Britain and the UK’s number 1 solar power diverter.

We Make Your Homes Greener!

Our Latest myenergi Eddi Projects

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