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The myenergi Zappi smart EV charger, is the world’s first solar compatible EV charger. What distinguishes the Zappi as one of the best EV chargers is its ability to charge your EV from microgeneration technologies such as Solar PV or a Wind turbine. As a result, with the Zappi home charger, you will be driving cheaper and cleaner. As charging your EV with you Solar PV makes it possible to be dependant on Green Energy instead of Grid Energy.

As a smart charger, Zappi is completely programmable, meaning you can control your charging through the myenergi app and maximise your use of the lowest rates around. The myenergi product family is expanding everyday, and by installing the Zappi car charger it means you will gain access to limitless integration. With both current products, such as the myenergi libbi battery, as well as future myenergi products!

With the Zappi car charger, you can fast charge your EV at maximum power, and connect to your home wifi via the myenergi Hub. The Zappi EV charger can be installed alongside the Hub under the OLEV grant scheme and through an accredited installed such as yours truly Deege Solar.

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Zappi Ev Charger

Myenergi Zappi Home EV Charger

Zappi Electric Car Charger

myenergi Zappi approved installers

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Myenergi Approved Installers

Deege Solar are not only authorised myenergi zappi installers, but also approved installers for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme! Our professional electricians have completed both the myenergi training certificate to install the Zappi EV charger, as well as NIC / NAPIT EV Training Courses. With years of experience in Zappi charger installations, when you choose Deege Solar you know you are in safe hands. 

Installing your Zappi home EV charger couldn’t be easier. Simply click the button below and fill out our short form and we will contact you with a free quote! 

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Solar Compatible EV Charging

Charge Your EV With Your PV!

Myenergi’s Zappi is a smart EV charger with a green difference. Not only can the Zappi car charger operate as a standard EV charger but it also has the option to run off 100% green energy that your home generates. Whether it be from a Solar PV system or wind turbine.

Being the first-ever solar EV charger of its kind, myenergi are future proofing electric vehicle charging! A solar EV charger works by allowing you to use excess solar energy to charge your car. As the energy generation by a Solar panel system is free, you are essentially gaining free miles!

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"Very positive interactions with Deege from first contact to installation. Their electrician, did a fantastic job of hiding all the wiring for the solar, battery and EV charge point. The roofers were quick and efficient too!"
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Jay Russel
"From start to finish I found the whole team at Deege ltd first rate. Explained everything clearly and installed solar panels, batteries and car charging points neatly and quickly. Delighted!"
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Tim Everett
"The installation team were all friendly, neat and tidy and considerate ...The system installed was 5.7Kw with a 6.7Kw battery and has so far provided all the power I have needed, even including charge for an EV. Thanks Deege!"
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