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Living Off Grid.

How does an Off Grid Solar System Work?

Off Grid Solar System

With the constant rise in energy prices, being energy independent is becoming more and more desirable. An Off-grid Solar System, also known as a Stand-Alone-Power-System (SAPS), will help you cut all ties to the National Grid. An Off-grid system is the complete package for generating, storing and delivering your own renewable energy. A typical off-grid solar panel system consists of solar panels, a charge controller, solar batteries, an inverter and sometimes even a backup generator. Unlike a Grid-tied system, an Off-grid solar system relies on the electricity produced by your solar panels alone. Solar energy is a great clean alternative to Fossil Fuels, and as long as there is sun, then an off-grid Solar system is possible. Where there is excess generation, this energy can then be stored within your solar batteries. This means that when your system is unable to produce enough energy directly from the sun, it can draw upon the energy from this storage.

Who are Off Grid Solar Systems Suitable For?

Off-grid solar systems are suitable for individuals, businesses, or communities which are located in rural or remote areas, where a reliable connection to the Grid is unavailable, or too costly. Off-grid solar Systems are ideal for locations far from a Grid supply, such as: Holiday homes, Camp Sites, Caravan Homes and Cabins. This is because these areas are more likely to suffer from poor network infrastructures, resulting in frequent blackouts.

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The Benefits of an Off Grid Solar System

Avoid Power Outages

Power outages can be stressful and disruptive, but with an off-grid solar system, you can have backup energy even in the most rural of areas.

Reduce Electricity Costs

By harnessing the limitless power of Solar energy, you are no longer tied to National Grid prices. As a result, you can bid farewell to your electricity bill!

Energy Independence

Off-grid solar systems offer self-sufficiency, empowering users to generate and use their electricity independently from the Grid. 

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Utilising solar energy is a great way to reduce your reliance on traditional fossil fuels, whilst promoting a great sustainable way of life.


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Off The Grid System!

Our off-grid solar panel packages contain everything you need to generate and store your solar energy. Above all, they have been hand-selected to ensure maximum power generation and reliability. At Deege Solar we only work with the best brands in the industry, and that’s why we have selected Victron Energy with Pylontech Batteries for our Off-Grid solar systems. Both Victron Energy and Pylontech are highly regarded brands within the industry. Victron Energy offers an incredibly user-friendly portal which allows you to monitor your home consumption, taking full control of your energy. Offering full transparency of your system. Partnered with the Number 1 Residential Energy Storage Supplier in the world, and you know you are installing the best off-grid system.

If the packages below don’t suit your off-grid needs, simply get in touch. Our team can design a bespoke off-grid solar system to meet your energy requirements and specifications. 

Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From

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Our Latest Off Grid Solar Projects

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Roof or Ground Mounted Solar Panels
Solar Home or Solar Farm?

Here at Deege Solar, we offer both Roof and Ground Mounted Solar Panel installations. Firstly, Roof-mounted panels are usually the go-to option. They work well if you have a large roof and no obstructions that may cause shading. However, if your roof is an insufficient size, and doesn’t sit at the correct pitch or orientation, Ground Mounted Panels are a great alternative. Especially if you own a large amount of land.

Ground-mounted solar panels, give you more control and flexibility. You can easily optimise your solar generation, by choosing a precise angle and orientation of the panels.

If you would like to discuss this further get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions About Off-Grid Solar Systems

There are 3 different types of Solar PV systems: On-grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid.

Off-grid solar systems and hybrid solar systems are two different approaches to harnessing solar energy for power generation. Whilst an Off-Grid Solar System has no ties to the National Grid and relies solely on solar panels, batteries and sometimes a backup generator, a Hybrid Solar panel system can work both with and without the Grid. This is because in a hybrid system your property is still connected to both the solar panels and power grid. As a hybrid system can still interact with the grid, it benefits from being able to import electricity when solar production is low, and sell any exported solar energy when their is surplus through the Smart Export Guarantee. This offer’s homeowners greater flexibility and reliability.

Choosing between an off-grid solar system vs a hybrid solar system depends on a number of factors. Such a location, budget, energy requirements and level of grid reliability within your area. Whereas an Off-grid system is best suited for locations without access to the grid or where connecting to the grid is economically unfeasible, a Hybrid solar system is more suited for areas with intermitten grid power. For users who want to take advantage of solar energy, but also have a reliable backup in the form of the National Grid.

At Deege Solar we design bespoke Solar PV System to meet our customer’s energy and sustainability requirements. If you are a UK homeowner looking for either a On-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar system, get in touch today for a FREE quote on 01322 479369.

Technically, an off-grid solar system can still operate without batteries, however there would be limitations and challenges.  The purpose of installing an off-grid solar system with batteries, is to store the excess energy generated by your solar panels during sunny periods to use during times where the sun is not shining, such as at night or on cloudy days. An off-grid solar system without battery storage, would have no way of storing surplus energy, therefore making it difficult to provide a continuous and reliable supply of solar energy to your property.

Whilst you could alternatively install an off-grid solar system with a generator backup instead, generators come with their own costs and environmental considerations. Although a generator can help to provide power during period of low solar production, they rely on fossil fuels to run, which are not only expensive but have a negative impact on the environment. 

There are many benefits to adding battery storage. At Deege Solar we would always recommended installing an off-grid solar system with battery storage, to maximise your reliance on natural resources and to ensure you a reliable supply of green energy. 

Yes, it is common to install an off-grid solar system with a generator backup, even if you have battery storage! The generator serves as a backup power source, adding an additional layer of security.

Our team have hands on experience installing off-grid systems that work alongside generators, an example includes our commercial off-grid solar installation we completed for Dartford Shooting Club. Make sure to check out our case study on the project for more information. 

Deege Solar are expert Nationwide Off Grid Solar Installers. If you are interested in talking to a professional advisor simply Get In Touch.

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