Off-Grid Solar Systems

Become Energy Independent and Live Off The Grid.

Living Off Grid.

Life With An Off Grid Solar System.

With Energy prices forever rising, being energy independent is becoming more desirable. An Off-grid Solar System, also known as a stand-alone-power-system (SAPS), will cut all ties to the National Grid. Hence, an off-grid system, is the complete package to generating, storing and delivering your own renewable energy. Unlike a grid-tied system, an off-grid solar system relies on the electricity produced by your solar panels alone. In short, Solar energy is a great clean alternative to Fossil Fuels. Importantly, as long as there is sun, then an off-grid Solar system is possible. Where there is excess generation, this energy is stored within your batteries. This means when your system is unable to produce directly from the sun, it will draw from this storage.

Who Should Go Off The Grid?

Off-Grid Solar Systems are ideal for Holiday homes, Garages, Camp Sites, Caravan Homes, Cabins, and even Offices. Also, they are a particularly great alternative in Rural and Remote areas. This is because these areas are more likely to suffer from poor network infrastructures, resulting in frequent blackouts and unreliable power. Or simply you just want to live off the map!

Solar Made Affordable

The Benefits of Living Off Grid

Avoid Power Outages.

 Losing electricity can be both stressful and inconvenient. However, with an off-grid solar system you can have back up energy storage even in the most rural of areas.

Reduce Electricity Costs.
As Solar energy is free to generate, this means you are no longer tied to the National Grid. As a result, you are essentially electricity Bill Free!
Gain Complete Energy Independence.

Become free from the National Grid and all tax that comes along with Fossil Fuel energy. Allowing you to monitor, and control how you use your own energy.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Off-Grid Solar Systems use solar energy to generate electricity. As a renewable energy source, it is sustainable and doesn’t create any harmful toxins.

Get The Perfect
Off The Grid System!

Our off-grid solar packages contain everything you need to generate your own green energy. Above all, they have been hand selected to ensure maximum power generation and reliability. Victron Energy are a well represented solar brand, and the Victron portal that comes with your off grid system, allows you to monitor your home consumption for greater energy control. Further, providing you with the confidence that your system is always performing as expected.

If the packages below don’t suit your off-grid needs, simply get in touch. We can design an off grid solar system to your own specifications. Whether it’s for domestic, agriculture, commercial or industrial use.

Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From
Victron Energy Off Grid Solar System
Fitted From

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We Make Your Homes Greener!

Our Latest Off Grid Solar Projects

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Roof or Ground Mounted Solar Panels
Solar Home or Solar Farm?

Here at Deege Solar we offer both Roof and Ground Mounted Solar Panel installations. Firstly, Roof mounted panels are usually the go to option. They work well if you have a large roof, and no obstructions that may cause shading. However, if your roof is an insufficient size, and doesn’t sit at the correct pitch or orientation, Ground Mounted Panels are a great alternative. Especially if you own a large amount of land.

Ground mounted solar panels, give you more control and flexibility. You can easily optimise your solar generation, by choosing a precise angle and orientation of the panels. Moreover, they are also a great solution to flat roofs.

If you would like to discuss this further get in touch!

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