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Pylontech is a global manufacturer and pioneer of Li-Ion solar batteries, with over 10 years of delivery experience. Unlike many competitors, Pylontech specialise solely in ESS (Energy Storage Systems). To date as leading global providers, PylonTech have delivered a global capacity of 3.6GWh to over 80 countries, serving 350000+ users.

As a longstanding company with international strength, Pylontech offer reliable battery storage solutions, with recognition as a TOP 3 Global residential ESS Supplier. If you are a UK homeowner looking to install a Pylontech battery, call our green team on 01322 479369 or enquire now. With Pylontech’s range of solar batteries, there is a flexible battery storage solution for everyone.

Pylontech Batteries

At Deege Solar Pylontech’s US2000 and US3000 are a popular choice for both our installers and customers, due to their wide compatibility, ease of use and reliability. These low-voltage batteries represent the next generation of affordable solar batteries, rated the most-effective solar storage solution. With the new US2000C and US3000C batteries offering a higher depth of discharge of 95%, there is a higher usable capacity meaning less batteries are required per install.

Pylontech’s US2000C and US3000C series are the perfect residential storage solution for domestic homes looking to storage their excess solar energy. Their modular design allows for easy expansion, with up to 16 units capable of being installed in parallel. Double the capacity than before. The Pylontech mounting racks are particularly helpful in building a large energy storage system suitable for multiple batteries.

Pylontech Solar Battery Storage
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A 2.4kWh US2000C Pylontech Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Sofar ME3000MP Controller.

The Pylontech US2000C is an HESS battery developed with lithium iron phosphate cell technology and vertical industry integration to ensure safety and a promising life cycle.

Pylontech Solar Battery Storage

A 3.5kWh US3000C Pylontech Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Sofar ME3000MP Controller.

The US3000C Pylontech battery is a high energy, power density solar battery. A self designed BMS protects the battery from abnormal temperatures, current and voltage.

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To Date over 300,000 household around the world have a Pylontech ESS battery installed.

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Pylontech are a reliable industry leading battery storage choice, so much so even our Managing Director David Norman has this installed.

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