QCells Solar Panels

QCells Solar Panels
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Hanwha Q CELLS, is one of the world’s largest and most recognised solar panel manufacturers. Known for it’s high-quality, high-efficiency solar cells and modules. With a global headquarters in South Korea and an innovation HQ in Germany, QCell have a global footprint in the solar industry. Q CELLS is renowned across the global PV industry as a brand with a superior quality. All QCELLs’ products undergo rigorous testing and certification internally as well as through the German certification institute, VDE. Commitment to Research and Development, QCell are always looking to advance their products and manufacturing methods. With state-of-the-art R&D centres in Germany, Korea, China and Malaysia, innovation such as the Q.ANTUM Technology are a regular site.

QCELLs Technology

Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM Technology guarantees more power in real-world conditions. By supercharging ordinary solar cells, even on a winter day you will see more performance. The Q.ANTUM Technology is based on Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. Through PERC technology, the rear surface of the Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating, that function just like a mirror. This reflective layer, helps to capture more sunlight and generate more green electricity. With enhanced low-light performance also, higher profits and generations is guaranteed when you choose QCELLs.

QCells Solar PV Panels

If you would like more information regarding the range of Solar PV Panels QCELLs have to offer please get in touch on 01322 479369. QCELLs offer a range of Solar Panels, from standard mono PERC black to a range of Duo Split cell panels. The QCELLs 340W panel as listed below is one of the most popular panels we install. Due to its great panel efficiency and ultra stylish finish. However, as a leading Solar Panel Installation company here in the UK, Deege Solar have access to the full QCELLs range. So don’t hesitate to contact our team of green experts for any advice.

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Key Features Of QCells Solar Panels


QCells are the largest cell manufacturers in the world, with a 8GW solar module manufacturing capacity!

Reusable Electricity

QCells is rated a Tier 1 Bloomberg Solar Panel Brand rated and a BNEF Top Tier module supplier.

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25 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty.
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