Smart Devices

Be Smart with your Energy

Smart Thermostats

As your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill, shouldn’t it also help you save? By installing a Smart Thermostat you can benefit from minimising your energy costs, tracking your energy usage, and controlling your heating remotely.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat Installer

Netatmo Thermostat

The Netatmo Thermostat simply saves you energy by creating a personalised schedule for your heating. The device is set up by asking you 4 simple questions: when do you get up, when do you leave for work, when do you return from work, and when do you go to bed.

Nest Smart Thermostat by Google

The Nest Smart Thermostat is a smart thinking device that will automatically adjust your heating and hot water use around your lifestyle. By gradually learning your energy habits, it develops you your own energy schedule.

Google Nest Smart Thermostat Installer


EcoMax Voltage Optimiser Installer

Eco Max Voltage Optimiser

The Eco-Max Optimiser is a simple, yet effective way to reduce your energy costs further. It works by reducing the electricity supplied to your home appliances. Although electricity is supplied in UK homes at 242v, the majority of home appliances are designed to operate at 220-230v. What an Eco-Max Optimiser essentially does is ensure that the electricity supplied to your appliance is exact. Reducing excess voltage, which not only increases your energy use but also damages your appliances. In doing so, an Eco-Max Optimiser will lower your bills and carbon footprint.

Tigo Optimisers

Tigo Optimisers allow you to maximise the benefits of your Solar PV System. They work with any Solar panel and inverter, to reduce the impact of shading and module mismatch on a PV system. Only those panels affected by shade, or on a separate roof will need an optimiser added to.

Tigo Advance Monitoring

Tigo’s advanced Cloud Monitoring gives you a real-time overview of your Solar PV System’s performance. Including:
Tigo Solar Panel Optimisers
Take your energy further

Use your Solar Energy
To Heat Your Water

A cheap alternative to getting Solar Thermal installed, is adding an Immersion diverter to your Solar PV System. Getting one installed is straight forward, and it can be up and running by a Deege Solar Electrician within a day. An Immersion Diverter works by using your excess solar generation to heat up your water tank.

Solar IBoost+ and buddy

The Solar iBoost+ essentially uses your Solar PV generation to heat up your water for free. Stretching your Solar Energy further, and saving you even more money. The device works by monitoring how much energy is being sent back to the grid, and instead diverting it to your home water tank. The Solar iBoost+ Buddy is a monitoring display, which connects to the Solar iBoost wirelessly. Giving you feedback about how much you are saving, when surplus energy has been detected, and when the device is in use. It also allows you to view all of your previous savings.

MyEnergi Eddi and Hub

The myenergi Eddi, similar to the iBoost+, diverts surplus energy from your Solar PV or wind turbine system, and uses it to heat your water. This way rather than loosing your generation to the grid, you are using it within your own home. The Hub allows you to connect to any Myenergi device, including the Eddi. It is in charge of any firmware updates, and allows the Eddi to be controlled remotely and be monitored.
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