Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean To Increase Energy Efficiency.

Solar Panel Cleaning
A Clean Solar Panel Is A Happy Solar Panel

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

It’s a no brainer that a build up of dust, leaves, dirt and bird droppings on top of your Solar Panels will effect your Solar energy generation. How frequently you need to clean your Solar Panels depends on where you live. Solar Panels closer to a main road, or who have a lot of trees nearby are likely to suffer the most. Your efficiency as a result of dirty Solar Panels can actually drop up to 15%. By Professionally Cleaning your Solar Panels every year, you can ensure your Green Energy Generation is always at its highest.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

A Full Solar Panel Array Clean.

The Key Benefits Of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Why You Need To Hire A Solar Cleaning Professional

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Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs

Check To See If Your Solar PV System is In Top Shape

A well maintained Solar PV System can operate at levels up to 30% more than one that is neglected. For Just £300 you can get a Solar Expert to assess your solar system, to make sure you are getting the most solar generation possible.

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