Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (SAHP)

Heat Your Home's Water In A Cost-Effective Green Way.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Combining Solar Panels
With A Heat Pump

Installing a Solar Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP), is a great way of providing your homes with hot water. It is not only cost-effective but green too! Heat pumps are the perfect low carbon heating solution, and work through thermodynamics. However, they run on electricity, which can be expensive alone. By adding Solar Panels into the equation, you can run your home’s hot water system on free renewable energy. As Solar Panels generate electricity by absorbing energy from the sun, which is a natural resource. The Solar Panels essentially produce electricity to run the Heat Pump economically, as well as providing your home green electricity too.

By Connecting a SAHP (Solar Assisted Heat Pump) with Solar PV, the water will be heated up to 60°C. Heating water up to 60°C, rather than the normal 55°C, means that up to 1.7kWh more energy is stored in your cylinder. This means your hot water cylinder can be used effectively as a boiler, as it is storing more energy.

The Benefits of a SAHP

Get The Perfect SAHP System

Team Deege Solar have partnered up with global business SAHP to offer a complete Solar Assisted Heat Pump Package. Including their award-winning Solar Assisted Heat Pump the BMTB 200 Cylinder.

The prices shown include Nationwide Installation, Scaffolding, and Certification. Get in touch if you have any questions about SAHP.

SAHP Solar Assisted Heat Pump
Solar Assisted Heat Pumps
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Optimise Your Home Energy System.
Install a smart thermostat and automate your heating
  • Save Energy, reduce your Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint.
  • Control your heating remotely.
  • Analyse your energy through monthly reports.
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