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Solar Battery Storage
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Solar Batteries

A solar battery, similar to any kind of battery, simply stores energy. By connecting a solar battery to your Solar panel system, you can store any excess solar energy that your system generates. Without a solar battery connected to your Solar PV system, any excess energy is sent back to the Grid. A Solar Battery allows you to store your extra solar energy to be used at any time, for example at night when your Solar Panels won’t be generating as much. Take your Solar Energy further and make the most of your Green investment, with a Solar Battery.

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Here at Deege Solar, we offer the Best Selection of Solar Batteries in the business, for the Best Prices too! The prices shown include Nationwide Installation & VAT! There are No Hidden Fees Here at Deege Solar. We are able to install Solar Batteries either as an Upgrade to an existing battery system or as a retro fit.

Retro Fitting.

If you have a Solar Panel array installed onto your property, you may wish to connect it to a battery storage system. In order to benefit from being able to collect and store your own energy. This is known as Retro Fitting. All Batteries come with an AC couple control management system in order to retro fit into an existing system. This type of installation requires a controller to manage the battery’s flow of energy.


Maybe it is time for a battery upgrade. If you already have a Solar PV System installed along with battery storage, you may wish to add another battery to cope with your energy needs. Increasing your system’s storage capacity, is a great way to become energy independent and reduce your reliance on the National Grid.

Duracell Battery Storage for Solar


Retro Fitted

A 3.3kWh Duracell Energy Bank Battery.

GivEnergy Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 8.2kWh GivEnergy Battery Retro Fitted alongside a GivEnergy 3kW AC Controller.

Sofar Amass Solar Battery Storage



Retro Fitted

A 5.12kWh Sofar Amass Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Sofar ME3000MP Controller.

Growatt Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 6.5kWh Growatt Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Growatt SPA3000TL Controller.

Solax Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 5.8kWh Solax Triple Power Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Solax X1-AC Controller.

Growatt Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 3.3kWh Growatt Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Growatt SPA3000TL Controller.

Pylontech Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 2.4kWh US2000 Pylontech Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Sofar ME3000MP Controller.

Sofar Amass Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 2.4kWh Sofar Amass Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Sofar ME3000MP Controller.

Growatt Ark LV Solar Battery Storage


Retro Fitted

A 2.56kWh Growatt Ark LV Battery Retro Fitted alongside a Growatt SPA3000TL Controller.

Frequently Asked Solar Battery Questions

Having solar batteries installed alongside Solar Panels, allows you to make the most out of your generated green energy. With Solar Batteries you can store any surplus solar energy that has been generated by your Solar Panels to use when your home later demands it. This ensures that the majority of your generated power is being used within your home, instead of being sent back to the grid. Therefore, capitalising on your green investment, as well as reducing your energy bills further. Having home energy storage means you are less reliant on the grid and more energy independent.

Due to the modern slim profiles of solar batteries, they can be easily be stored anywhere. Solar batteries are often stored in a Garage, loft, utilities room, a cabinet, under the stairs or even outside. Most home owners choose to store their solar batteries somewhere neatly out of the way, however there is also nothing stopping you from having them on display! To find out the exact dimensions of the solar battery of your choice, make sure you download the datasheet provided, there you will also be able to see if it is suitable for outdoor environments.

Having a solar battery installed makes you more energy independent and reduces your reliance on the grid. However, the system is still grid tied, as any surplus energy your battery storage cannot store will be sent back to the grid. All Solar systems installed by Deege Solar, have the capability to work in EPS mode. This means when the grid fails, you will still have a supply of energy through your home battery storage. If going completely off-grid is something that interests you, check out our fully off-grid systems here. 

The storage capacity your home will require, is dependant on your current electricity usage. Power usage is measured in kilowatt-hours. Your monthly energy bill will indicate how many kilowatt hours you spend on a monthly basis. To calculate the battery storage you require, Deege Solar will take this value and from there will be able to calculate your energy needs. To book a free Solar consultation, and to find out exactly what size battery your home requires, simply fill out the form located here.

No! Solar batteries can also be used independently of solar, to charge your home from the electricity you buy from the grid. By using a “time-of-use” or agile tariff such as Agile Octopus, you can charge your batteries when the electricity rates are at their lowest, for example over night, and then use that energy to power your home more affordably. This is particularly handy if you are looking to invest in an electric vehicle in the near future. However, to take advantage of this home energy solution, your home will require a smart meter. 

Deege Solar are expert Nationwide Solar Battery Installers. If you are interested in talking to a professional advisor simply Get In Touch.


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Agile Octopus claim your £50 today!

Agile Octopus harnesses the real potential of smart meters. The wholesale price of energy changes every half an hour, and Agile Octopus allows you to track these energy rates through an app. This way you can consume energy at its lowest rate and even when it’s free.

Get paid to take energy off the grid

Whenever more electricity is generated than consumed, surplus energy can fall below zero! Here you will be paid to store this excess energy within your Battery Storage.

Who knew green energy could be so sociable?

save up to 70% on your electricity

With Social Energy’s new Solar Energy Storage and Trading Technology, you can save more than ever before.Their incredible AI technology, lets you store, trade and swap the electricity that your solar panels generate, so none of your green energy goes to waste.

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