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What is the Solar iBoost

The Solar iboost is an immersion diverter, that allows you to enjoy free hot water powered by your Solar Panels. Cutting the cost of your water heating, and reducing the strain on your boiler. By installing a Solar iBoost+ you will be simply maximising your use of free solar energy generation by your solar panels. Making your home more green.

How does the Solar iBoost work?

Most domestic Solar PV systems will generate more energy during the day than in demand. Once your solar batteries are full, this surplus energy will have no where else to go but back to the National Grid. Resulting in green energy waste for your household. However, by installing a Solar iBoost+ this process changes. Instead of the surplus energy being exported back to the Grid, it is instead used to heat your water supply. The Solar iBoost+ is made up of 2 parts: the Solar iBoost+ Controller and a ‘Sender’ which communicate to each other wirelessly.

The Sender is clamped to your electricity meter. It monitors the electricity being generated by your solar PV system and the amount of electricity you are using. This information is then sent to the Solar iBoost+.

When the Solar iBoost+ receives information that you are generating 100W more energy than you’re using, it automatically sends the surplus solar energy to power your immersion heater. The Solar iBoost+ automatically adjusts the amount of power going to your immersion heater depending on your levels of excess energy. The Solar iBoost controller is usually installed in an airing cupboard adjacent to your hot water tank.

This excess energy then heats up your water during the day according to the immersion heater’s maximum thermostat’s setting. 

The Key Features Of the
Solar iBoost+

Solar iBoost Immersion Diverter

Solar iBoost+ Immersion
Controller and Buddy

Here at Deege Solar we install the Solar iBoost+ and Buddy together as a package. The Solar iBoost+ Buddy is a monitoring display which can show how much you are saving, and when surplus energy is available. 

Frequently Asked Solar iBoost+ Questions

The Solar iBoost+ is an innovative smart device, made by the UK’s longest established Renewable Energy Company, Marlec. Marlec have been in the renewable industry since 1979, and since then more than 70,000 homeowners have been already enjoying the extra savings from free hot water! The Solar iBoost+ is the world’s best selling PV immersion controller, and the UK’s favourite Solar PV accessory. 

The total cost of a Solar iBoost+ is likely to fall between £250 – £300, however this will not include installation and will depend on your supplier. Here at Deege Solar, we install Solar iBoosts alongside Solar PV Systems on a Nationwide scale. If you are interested in receiving a free quote please call us on 01322 479369 or submit your details through our contact form.

Remember, by installing a Solar iBoost+ you can reduce periods of “export” within your household, increasing your return on investment and payback time!

If you are looking for a way to make the most out of your Solar panel system, and your home has hot water storage with an immersion heater, then the Solar iboost+ could be your perfect solution. Not just compatible with solar energy, a Solar iBoost+ can be installed and start saving you money in less than an hour! Just answer these simple questions or call our green team on 01322 479369 to find out if your home is compatible.

  1. Does your home generate excess renewable energy of at least 100W a day?
  2. Is your immersion heater 3kW or less?
  3. Is there less than 30m between your hot water tank and electricity meter?

Installing a Solar iBoost+ will not impact your Feed-In-Tariff payments. This is because the energy suppliers do not know exactly how much energy you are exporting but pay on an estimate at around 50% of your system’s generation.

Deege Solar are expert Nationwide Solar PV Installers. If you are interested in talking to a professional advisor simply Get In Touch.

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Is Your Home Right For A Solar iBoost?

Are you out during the day, regularly producing a surplus energy of at least 100W?
Reusable Electricity
Is there less than 30m between your hot water tank and electricity meter?
Protect Your Solar

Do you own a 3kW or less immersion heater?

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