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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Getting Solar Panels installed is a great way for your home, business or even community to become greener. Solar Panels are the key component to generating your own Solar energy. Solar Panels are made up of Photovoltaic (PV) cells, which absorb photons, packets of energy from the sun to generate electricity through the Photovoltaic effect. Powering your home through Solar energy is a great green energy solution, that will reduce both your carbon footprint and energy bills. Solar panels are now more advanced and accessible than ever and through Deege Solar they are affordable too!

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As of April 2022 until 2027, Homeowners who choose to install Solar Panels will pay 0% VAT! This is reflected in our online prices.

JA 4kW Solar Panel System
Eurener 5kW Solar Panel System
Hyundai Solar panel system
Perlight Solar Panel System

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Choosing the Perfect Solar Panel

As a leading Solar Panel Installer in the UK, Deege Solar have access to a wide range of different Solar Panels. Here are the most popular Solar Panel brands that we install. If you are unable to find what you are looking for feel free to send us an enquiry. Whether it’s for your home, business or community, where there is Sun there can be Solar.

Take Your Solar Energy Further!

Why not add A Solar Battery to your Solar Panels?

Our Solar PV Packages include everything you need to generate and store your Solar energy. By installing both Solar Panels and Solar Batteries, you can generate and store solar energy to be used at any time! Making your home more energy independent and increasing your overall savings.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Solar Panels

Although there are no current grants in the UK for Solar Panels in the traditional sense, there are incentives. Currently, the only scheme open for new applications is known as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). The Smart Export Guarantee, came into effect on the 1st of January 2020 and allows all homeowners with Solar Panels installed (up to 5MW capacity), to receive payment for selling surplus energy back to the grid.

Despite popular belief, Solar PV Panels are not covered in the Green Homes Grant.

South-facing rooftops, benefit the most from a solar panel installation, as they are exposed to sunlight for the longest period of time. They also see the sun when it’s at its highest intensity, meaning that solar panels on a south-facing roof will generate the most solar energy. However, this doesn’t mean if your roof faces another direction you still wouldn’t benefit from having solar panels installed.

East and West-facing roofs are also suitable for solar panels and will still see a good deal of green energy generation throughout the course of the day. East or West facing installations only tend to lose around 15% of generation.

It is only North-facing roofs that are completely not recommended. This also doesn’t mean you can’t install a PV system if you have a flat roof. In fact, flat roofs are often ideal as they allow for a more flexible design. This is because installers can use mounts to angle the Solar Panels at the optimal angle. If in doubt, just get in touch and our design team can carry out an over-the-air survey on your roof.

Believe it or not, not everyone’s home or business is suitable for Solar. Your suitability for Solar Panels depends on four factors:

  • Your current electricity consumption.
  • The Pitch, Orientation and Space available on your roof.
  • If there is any shading.
  • The radiance level of your location.
To find out if your property is eligible for solar get in touch! One of our Solar consultants will be able to help you find out more information.
In most instances, Planning permission isn’t required when installing Solar Panels, as they are classified as “Permitted Developments” (PD). However, in order for Solar Panels to classify as PD they must meet the following requirements: 
  • The Solar Panels must not be installed above the highest point of the property (not including chimneys).
  • They must be installed in a way that makes the least visual impact to the property and surrounding area.
  • The Solar Panels must not protrude more than 200mm from the surface of your roof.
If your property is a listed building or located within a conversation area, it is likely that planning permission will be required. A Deege Solar consultant will be able to advise you if you are unsure.

Mono-crystalline: Mono-crystalline Solar panels are seen as the more premium panel, due to their high efficiency and darker/black appearance. A Mono-crystalline solar panel is made up of single-crystal silicon, meaning that the electron can generate more electricity as they can flow more freely. As they use the highest purity of silicon they are more efficient, with a higher power output than polycrystalline panels.

Polycrystalline: Polycrystalline solar panels alternatively have a lower efficiency, at a more affordable price point. The Solar Panels are made up of fragments of silicon crystal that have been melted together to make wafers and are mostly recognised by their blue-speckled finish.

Discover more about the different types of solar panels you can install in our blog.

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