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By adding Solar Panels and Battery Storage to your property, you can reduce your annual energy bills by up to 70%. Solar PV Systems, generate electricity directly from the sun, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, and focusing solely on green energy.

How Does A Solar PV System Work Diagram

How Does A Solar PV System Work?

Solar panels generate electricity from UV lighting even in snowy conditions.

The Inverter changes the current from DC to AC, so that it can be domestically used.

Any surplus AC energy, that is not in demand is stored in your battery system for later use.

The Consumer Unit Board controls the distribution of solar energy.

This green energy is then used to power your home when needed.

Your Import Meter then accredits any unused Energy, to and from the Grid.

By Selling your surplus energy to the Grid through an Export Tariff you can even earn!

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Our solar panel and battery packages are designed to make your Solar decisions easier. The prices shown include Nationwide 1 Side of Scaffolding, 0% VAT, DNO Application and the Required Certification. Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem. Get in touch and together we can design the perfect bespoke Solar PV System for your Home or Business!

GoodWe Solar PV system with battery storage
Fitted From
Puredrive Solar PV System with Battery Storage
Fitted From
Growatt Solar PV Panel System with Battery
Fitted From
Sunsynk Solar PV System with Battery Storage
Fitted From
myenergi solar pv system with battery
Fitted From
Add a myenergi Eddi
and Zappi for just £2000
Givenergy solar panel system with battery storage
Fitted From
Add a GivEnergy EV Charger for Just £850
Solar panel system with tesla powerwall battery
Fitted From
SolarEdge Solar PV Panel System with Battery
Fitted From

Per Month over 10 Years With Zero Deposit*. To Find Out More About our Finance Options Click Here.

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Optimise Your Solar PV System

Make Your Solar PV System More Advanced When You Upgrade To SolarEdge

  • Gain up to a 25% energy increase in your Solar System, with SolarEdge Inverters.
  • Enable your Solar Panels to perform independently with Power Optimisers, decreasing the impact of shading.
  • Monitor and track your Solar PV System’s performance 24/7.
  • Enhanced Safety with arc fault detection.
  • 25 Year Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our our Solar and Battery Packages

A Solar PV System is able to generate, store and power your home or business from renewable energy from the sun. The Photovoltaic Cells or Solar Panels collect packets of the suns energy from sunlight, and converts in into Direct Current (DC). This current through your solar inverter is then changed into Alternating Current (AC) to be used domestically or commercially.

A Complete Solar PV System consists of 7 Key Components.








To find out more about each Solar component in depth, read our blog post on How Does A Solar PV System Work.

Our Solar packages include everything you need to get your home plugged into the sun. This includes all the required kit, from the roof fixings, cabling, to the meters, and isolators. They also include installation by our fully qualified teams, 1 side of access equipment and most importantly there are no hidden costs or VAT!

Our in-house green team, will also manage your DNO application from start to finish, and provide a handover pack on completion with your MCS, EPVS and Hies Certificate. This will also include datasheets and warranty for all your installed products. 

Our solar and battery packages are a great starting point for homeowners looking to install solar panels, and provide a transparent upfront cost for various sized systems. They are baseline solar packages which can be upgraded, and adjusted to meet your energy requirements. Whether you are looking to add more battery storage, change the type of solar panels, or add an EV charger, our team will designed a Solar PV System that is bespoke to you and your home.

Many customers wouldn’t know this by there are two types of Solar Panels. Solar PV and Solar Thermal. Both utilise the sun’s energy to produce solar energy, however through different technologies. Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV panels, turns direct sunlight into electricity, whereas Solar Thermal panels, turns direct sunlight into heat, to provide hot water.

In the great debate between choosing Solar Panels or Solar Thermal. Solar PV Panels are currently leading. This is because unlike Solar Thermal Panels, Solar PV can be used to generate green electricity as well as heating your water. This is done through installing an immersion diverter, such as the myenergi Eddi or iBoost. These Smart devices are able to detect any excess solar generation, and instead of sending it back to the grid, divert it to heating your water tank. This is a great accessory for any Solar PV system, as it allows you to maximise your Solar energy use!

Although, having solar panels with a battery installed makes you more energy independent and reduces your reliance on the grid, it doesn’t make you “Off-Grid”. This is because, as a hybrid solar system, the system is still grid tied. Meaning any surplus energy your battery storage cannot store will be sent back to the grid, and if at any point you require more energy than your system is producing, your home can still be supported by the National Grid. 

All Solar panel systems installed by Deege Solar, have the capability to work in EPS mode. This means when the grid fails, you will still have a supply of energy through your home battery storage. If going completely off-grid is something that interests you, check out our fully off-grid Solar Systems.

The storage capacity your home will require, is dependant on your current electricity usage. Power usage is measured in kilowatt-hours. Your monthly energy bill will indicate how many kilowatt hours you consume on a monthly basis. To calculate the battery storage you require, Deege Solar will take this value and from there will be able to design your perfect solar panel and battery system. To book a free Solar consultation, and to find out exactly what size battery your home requires, simply contact us.

Yes! Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity that can be used not only power your home appliances but electric vechiles too. Solar compatible EV Chargers such as the myenergi Zappi, are able to divert your excess solar energy from your Solar Panels directly to your plugged in EV. It’s simple, drive off sunshine! 

Deege Solar are expert Nationwide Solar PV Installers. If you are interested in talking to a professional advisor simply Get In Touch.

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