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Solar PV

Make Your Home Energy Independent With A Solar PV System.



By adding Solar Panels and Battery Storage to your property, you can reduce your annual energy bills by up to 70%. Solar PV Systems, generate electricity directly from the sun, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, and focusing solely on green energy.

Solar PV System
how it works

Solar panels generate electricity from UV lighting even in snowy conditions.

The Inverter changes the current from DC to AC, so that it can be domestically used.

Any surplus AC energy, that is not in demand is stored in your battery system for later use.

The Consumer Unit Board controls the distribution of solar energy.

This green energy is then used to power your home when needed.

Your Import Meter then accredits any unused Energy, to and from the Grid.

The grid can store and distribute your surplus energy. With an Export Tariff you can earn further savings by selling to the grid.

Choose the perfect PV pACKAGE

Our Solar PV Packages are designed to make your Solar decisions easier. The prices shown include Nationwide Installation, Scaffolding, and Certification. Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem. Get in touch and together we can find the deal for you.

Sofar Amass Solar PV System
Growatt Solar PV System


Sofar Amass Solar PV System
GivEnergy Solar PV System
Growatt Solar PV System
Sofar PylonTech Solar PV System
Solax Solar PV System
Solax Solar PV System
SolarEdge Solar PV System
SolarEdge Solar PV System
Optimise Your Solar PV System.

Upgrade Your Package To SolarEdge At Only £120 Per Panel

  • Gain up to a 25% energy increase in your solar system, with SolarEdge Inverters.
  • Enable your solar panels to perform independently with power optimisers, decreasing the impact of shading.
  • Monitor and track your solar system’s performance 24/7.
  • Enhanced Safety with arc fault detection.
  • 25 Year Warranty.

Get Integrated Solar Panels From Just £60 Per Panel

GSE In-Roof Mounting Systems allow Solar Panels to be integrated into a roof, for a more flush appearance. This way if you are considering a re-roofing you could save on tiles, as the Solar Panels effectively replace them.


  • Compatible with roof windows, and the majority of Solar Panels.
  • Completely watertight.
  • Allows for both portrait and landscape formatting.
  • Impact and Mechanical Resistant.
Our Prices:
  • £60 per Panel if the roof is at felt and batten stage
  • £150 per Panel if roof is tiled.
Who knew green energy could be so sociable?

save up to 70% on your electricity

With Social Energy’s new Solar Energy Storage and Trading Technology, you can save more than ever before.Their incredible AI technology, lets you store, trade and swap the electricity that your solar panels generate, so none of your green energy goes to waste.

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Agile Octopus claim your £50 today!

Agile Octopus harnesses the real potential of smart meters. The wholesale price of energy changes every half an hour, and Agile Octopus allows you to track these energy rates through an app. This way you can consume energy at its lowest rate and even when it’s free.

Get paid to take energy off the grid

Whenever more electricity is generated than consumed, surplus energy can fall below zero! Here you will be paid to store this excess energy within your Battery Storage.


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