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SolarEdge is a longstanding member of the solar energy industry. Their world-leading technologies offer higher energy output through their PV power optimisers and solar inverters, exceptional safety features, and advanced module-level monitoring for your Solar PV System. When you choose SolarEdge you are choosing the world’s number 1 smart home solar energy system, designed to generate more green power.

Deege Solar can offer you great prices on Solar PV systems, solar batteries, and EV Chargers Including SolarEdge products. If you are a home or business owner in the UK looking to have Solaredge installed, call our Green Team on 01322 479369 to start your solar journey!

The Key Features of A
SolarEdge System

SolarEdge Solar PV Panel System with Battery
Package Deal!

SolarEdge Solar PV System

Ready to Install a Solar Panel System at home? Why not choose our complete SolarEdge PV System package!

SolarEdge Energy Bank

SolarEdge Energy Bank

Upgrade your storage with the SolarEdge Energy Bank. SolarEdge’s High Voltage DC Battery Solution.

SolarEdge EV Charger

SolarEdge EV Charger

Charge your EV from your PV, thanks to Solaredge’s brand new Solar Compatible EV Charger, 

Solaredge DC Optimisers

Upgrade to SolarEdge

Upgrade your Solar PV System to SolarEdge and increase your self-consumption!

24/7 Online Monitoring

SolarEdge Monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring platform provides free, real-time visibility into your Solar Panel system’s performance, module by module. Accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet, and even by your Solar installer, the SolarEdge monitoring app allows you to pinpoint exact failures remotely, so that faults can be resolved efficiently. Automatic alerts on your solar panel system’s issues can be sent directly to your solar installer, and you can even get an insight into how your system is performing financially!

Why not login and check out our Managing Director David Normans home Solar PV System stats! The username is and the password is Deegesolar1.

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"Just had a full SolarEdge system installed with Deege and I could not be happier. The first stage of my journey was getting quotes, I did try a couple of companies but Stephen was the person that gave me the most time out of everyone! I didn't have much understanding of solar and kept on asking questions to Stephen which he was more than happy to help with. If anyone is interested in solar..... Deege are defiantly worth a call. "
Deege Solar Reviews
John Diprose
"I can happily say my install is now finished and fully working I’ve got 20 panels and a Solaredge system with a Eddi installed it’s been working for a few months now with no problems Although I was pushed back I’m extremely happy with everything overall"
Jacob Wojcik
"What can I say, the team at Deege are just fantastic. We now have a wonderful brand new system, with inverter, battery and solaredge, and a new inverter with our old array. One thing is sure with DEEGEE they are always and I mean always doing their absolute best to get your install done for the right price and to the highest of quality. Thank you so very much."
Deege Solar Reviews
Ian Crews

Frequently Asked SolarEdge

SolarEdge is one of the most well-established brands in the industry. Head over to our Youtube Channel to watch our Managing Director David discuss why SolarEdge was the best solution for his very own Solar PV System.

SolarEdge supports compatibility with various brands of solar batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall and Givenergy all-in-one battery. However, it’s important to note that product compatibility may change over time as SolarEdge’s technology evolves. If you are looking to install the most efficient and coherent system possible, our team would recommend using SolarEdge’s own battery, the SolarEdge Energy Bank for your installation. When you choose to install a different brand of battery alongside a Solaredge system, you will need to also install an AC Controller, which means your battery would be controlled via a different app, and not be as efficient as a DC-coupled system.

Yes, SolarEdge can be used Off-Grid (kind of)! Thanks to the new SolarEdge home backup interface, homeowners can now gain an Emergency Power Supply in the event of grid interruption. When combining Solaredge’s Backup Interface with a SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter, and a SolarEdge Home Battery, backup power can be provided to designated circuits within the home. 

Deege Solar are expert Nationwide SolarEdge Installers. If you are interested in talking to a professional advisor simply Get In Touch.

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