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To create a greener UK, we need to work together as a team. Here at Deege Solar we are committed to changing the world through Solar Energy. That’s why we are always open to partnering with those who also want to help protect the natural environment. We want to make sure our future generations are safer, and learn a way of living that is sustainable.

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

SAHP are long-term good friends with the Deege Solar team. Together we offer packages that include both Solar PV and Solar Heat Pump Technology. SAHP have a globally approved, award-winning range of products. With a Solar Assisted Heat Pump warming your water and Solar PV providing your electricity, your home will be greener than ever. Our focus in partnering with SAHP is to offer homeowners the complete Solar package. 

You can see our exhibition installation at their new energy centre in Maldon. 

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As Solar and Electric Vehicles go hand in hand, a partnership with SL Jones Ltd just seemed natural. SL Jones Ltd are specialists in buying and selling premium electric cars, mainly Teslas. They also offer Window Tinting, Alloy wheel refurbishment, Wrapping and Car repairs. 

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Deege Solar have partnered up with HopeSustainability with a mutual goal of raising awareness and knowledge of climate change and renewables for pupils. Hopes engages with schools by providing “Smart” data analysis about energy consumption and provides school business managers with insights and recommendations to reduce energy wastage, thereby saving on bills and reducing CO2 emissions.  Using the data generated, they work with teachers to get pupils involved in monitoring energy usage and coming up with ideas and programmes for the schools to implement their own Carbon Zero plans and targets.

Deege Solar are collaborating with Hopes to create both content and activities to engage younger children with renewable energy. As Deege Solar have always said the key to change is education, we hope this partnership will motivate the younger generation into making real lifestyle changes to empower a sustainable future.

If you are interested in having your children and school participate in climate change projects and lessons, simply get in touch with us or register your interest on the Hope’s website.

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If you are interested in creating a long-lasting partnership with Deege Solar, please get in touch via email. We would be happy to hear from you.

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