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If you are looking for a British Manufactured Battery Storage system to add to your solar panel system, then look no further than Puredrive. With over 10 years of experience in battery development and technology, Puredrive Energy is currently at the forefront of British-made energy storage systems.

Offering both AC and DC-coupled battery solutions, Puredrive batteries are the perfect addition to both new and old solar panel installations. With perfectly sized modules options of 10kWh and 5kWh. They can be installed indoors or outdoors with a temperature operating range from -20 to 45C. The PureStorage II battery can be paired with the high-quality hybrid inverters on the market, including Solis and Victron Energy.

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Puredrive Battery
Storage Systems

Assembled right here in the UK, Puredrive takes advantage of the latest Lithium Ion battery technology, allowing homeowners to maximise their solar energy use and savings. The batteries’ LiFePO4 chemistry provides the safest lithium chemistry, and longest lifespan for these solar batteries. 

Puredrive batteries use the latest smart battery technology to provide homeowners with complete energy independence. Helping you reduce your imported energy, and also providing energy security in the event of grid failure. 

During power cuts, PureStorage gives you the option to power your critical circuits through your storage of renewable energy. This could include your lights, fridge or internet, which is perfect if you live in a remote location with regular blackouts. 

If you are a UK homeowner interested in getting a Puredrive battery storage system or complete solar PV system installed, contact our award-winning team today.

Puredrive Solar PV System with Battery Storage
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Puredrive Battery with Solar Panels

Puredrive battery

Puredrive 10kWh Battery

An AC Coupled 10kWh Puredrive Battery System scalable up to 25kWh of storage. Perfect for upgrading existing Solar Panel systems or storing cheap energy from the Grid.

Puredrive EV Charger

Puredrive EV Charger

Whether you are looking to charge your car with a time-of-use tariff, or free from your solar generation, the Puredrive EV Charger is packed with the latest home charging technology.

A Match Made In Heaven

Why we love installing Puredrive Batteries

Puredrive are a British Manufactured battery, who helps supports the UK energy supply chain and employment. 

 Puredrive offer a free of charge recyling scheme for their batteries. This shows their intent to put the planet first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Puredrive Batteries

All Puredrive batteries come with a standard 10-year warranty and are protected for 10,000 cycles. Where one complete cycle is defined by a fully charged battery being completely discharged and then charged to full again. They also guarantee a 45MWh throughput (per 5kWh of storage) which is 3 times more than other leading brands.
  • Puredrive Energy AC 5kWh Battery Solution Dimensions: 550 x 1460 x 165 (mm)
  • Puredrive Energy AC 10kWh Battery Solution Dimensions: 860 x 1460 x 165 (mm)
  • PureStorage II Hybrid 5kWh Dimensions: 386.40 x 737 x 150.30 (mm) – Per battery module.

The Puredrive battery includes some highly attractive features. Including:

  • Automatic Back-Up Power supply in the event of a power cut
  • Flexible storage up to 25kWh.
  • Smart Control and Monitoring
  • Outdoor Installation
  • 10-Year Warranty

Puredrive has already been praised within the UK industry for product innovation, and their environmental achievements. 

The Puredrive product range, works directly with Octopus Energy, and other types of viable tariffs to optimise your savings.  

Once you have registered your Puredrive battery installation, you will be added to Puredrive’s in-house software, which uses smart AI technology and machine learning, which even incorporates the weather, to ensure you are maximizing your savings. This technology works with any energy supplier, which leaves the power of choice in the hands of the customer.

Puredrive offer an ecosystem of energy-saving products, allowing UK homeowners to integrate their homes with Puredrive Energy built here in the UK. Puredrive’s ecosystem is the first of its kind and prioritises communication between devices. 

Their home energy system includes: The Puredrive storage solutions, their EV Charger (the PureCharger) and the PureDrive App. All of these are manufactured in-house, in the UK, and supported locally too! Their ecosystem of products makes monitoring simple, providing homeowners access to data all in one place. 

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