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Sigenergy is a forward-thinking pioneer within the industry, dedicated to crafting innovative next-level energy solutions for both homes and businesses. By Combining Solar Energy, Battery Storage and EV charging, Sigenergy offers an all-in-one Home Eco-System that helps homeowners lower their energy bills and reliance on the grid, all whilst prioritising safety.

At Deege Solar, we take pride in installing the revolutionary SigenStor all-in-one system from Sigenergy. SigenStor is an AI-optimised 5-in-one energy storage system that utilises the sun’s energy to help you achieve energy independence. Simple to install, easy to use, smart and safe all around, Sigenergy’s innovative Home battery storage system is versatile and scalable to meet your every need. Whether you are looking for an Emergency Power Supply, a large DC-coupled battery solution or bi-directional EV Charger, the SigenStor is versatile in nature, and caters to every energy use scenario.

As Proud Certified Sigenergy Approved Installers, the Deege Solar team specialises in installing the Sigenergy product range. If you’re a UK homeowner or business owner considering a Sigenergy installation, secure a free quote from our award-winning team today, and embark on the journey towards a sustainable energy future today.

The Benefits Of Choosing
A Sigenergy System

Sigenergy battery with solar panels
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Sigenergy SigenStor Solar PV System


Sigenergy Battery Sigenstor

Sigenergy Battery

Sigenergy offer two battery storage capacities. A 5kWh Sigen module, and an 8kWh Battery. As the SigenStor uses parallel connections, these battery capacities can be mixed in a single stack with an impressive storage capacity of 5-48kWh. 

Sigenergy EV Charger

Sigenergy EV Charger

With SigenStor’s DC-coupled EV Charger, you can harness the power of the sun and directly charge your EV with solar energy generated by your home. Moreover, thanks to 2-way/bi-directional EV Charging you can tap into the energy stored within your EV to help support your home’s demand or the grid. The choice is yours.

Why Consider a Sigenergy Battery

At Deege Solar, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our solar panel installations. That’s why we trust the Sigenergy product range, renowned for its unparalleled reliability and cutting-edge safety features. Their market-leading multi-layer system protection not only ensures optimal battery performance but also provides homeowners with the peace of mind they deserve. Their safety features include:

Sigenergy Battery & Inverter Solutions

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