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Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar PV is a low maintenance technology. As long as it has been installed correctly and is looked after little can go wrong. Nonetheless, at Deege Solar we are always here to offer a helping hand. Having installed over 1000 Solar PV systems throughout the UK, we are experts when it comes down to solar. Through simply accessing your monitoring we will be able to spot any problems. So, If you believe your Solar Panel system isn’t generating as much as it should be give us a call on 01322 479369. Although Solar can seem complicated, we are here to make Solar Simple. It is important that your panels keep generating and that your green investment keeps earning.

Solar PV Maintenance

Ensure your Solar PV System is in Top Shape!

Solar Energy Deals

Join our Solar Maintenance Plans and benefit from yearly Health Checks & Solar Panel Cleaning.

Solar Health Checks

Get in Touch Today and get your Solar Panel System checked by a Solar expert.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your Solar Panel Clean and Generating Efficiently.


Ensure your PV Panels can capture as much sunlight as possible by removing any dirt or dust.

Cost Effective

Maximise your Green Energy Savings by simply by keeping your system squeaky clean.

Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels

Stop Birds Nesting Under your Solar Panels

Bird Protection
Keep unwanted noisy birds away from your Solar Panels.
Solar Maintenance
Prevent possible damage to your Solar PV System.
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