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Revolutionising the way we generate, use and store energy, Sunsynk is an internationally recognised brand with over 20 years of experience in the solar industry. Trademark protected in over 40 countries, thanks to their relentless innovation, Sunsynk is a well-respected brand globally. From solar inverters to battery storage, Sunsynk offers a diverse range of products catering for both on-grid and off-grid solar solutions.

In a world where energy costs are unstable, Renewable Energies such as Solar PV are the ultimate solution. Whether you need a commercial installation or you’re an individual homeowner, our multi-award-winning team of Sunsynk installers is here to provide you with the best possible solar solution for your energy needs. Alongside Sunsynk, we hope to continue to develop and install new technology that will help shape our future for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

If you are a UK homeowner interested in having a Sunsynk installation, our team are here to help.

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Sunsynk 5.12kwh Battery Specs

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SunSynk Inverters & Batteries

SunSynk currently offers two batteries. The Sunsynk 5.32kWh Battery, which is their 3rd generation battery and the Sunsynk 5.12kWh Battery. Which Sunsynk battery is the best, depends on your particular needs. However, here’s an overview of the main differences.

  • The Sunsynk 5.12kWh battery is rated IP65, which means it is suitable for outdoor installation whereas the Sunsynk 5.32kWh battery only has an IP rating of IP20.
  • The Sunsynk 5.32kWh is scalable up to 32 pcs in parallel (170kWh). Although the Sunsynk 5.12kWh battery is also scalable up to 32 pcs in parallel, it offers a slightly smaller capacity of 163.8kWh. 

Sunsynk installations can operate both in On-Grid and Off-Grid modes. This means that your Sunsynk system can be used as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which will self-activate in the event of a power cut. In Off-Grid mode the system can still generate and store energy from your solar panels to supply DC power to your Sunsynk battery or AC power directly to the load.

Sunsynk is well-known for its popularity in South Africa, where Load-Shedding is common. Due to scheduled power outages and poor Grid stability. There are thousands of businesses and homes in South Africa that maintain power when the grid fails, thanks to having a Sunsynk system installed. This is mainly due to the number of parallel inverters and the scalability in the battery solution that makes providing reliable power to such large-scale commercial sites possible. Sunsynk inverters also support Generators as a form of input, to help provide a complete off-grid solution. 

Sunsynk is part of a Global Tech China Group, which is based out of Hong Kong. As a result, all Sunsynk batteries and inverters are made at their manufacturing base in Ningbo China

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