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Starting from the heart of your Solar Panel system, SolarEdge offers the industry-leading inverter, providing unmatched efficiency and intelligence to increase your return on investment. However, SolarEdge’s 10kWh battery is the icing on top of the cake, the perfect solar partner.

New to the UK solar battery market as of 2022, the SolarEdge Energy Bank is a DC-coupled battery storage solution, designed to integrate with the existing SolarEdge home PV system. As a scalable solution, when you install a SolarEdge Energy Bank you can increase both power and capacity at any time, by combining multiple  SolarEdge inverters and batteries for a superior PV system. This High Voltage Solar Battery integrates Lithium Ion NMC technology to deliver an effective capacity of 9.7kWh. Thanks to an industry-leading 94.5% efficiency, the SolarEdge energy bank delivers more power at lower costs, so that homeowners such as yourself can maximise your green energy use.

Optimised for SolarEdge’s single-phase HD-Wave technology inverters and SolarEdge EV Charger, the SolarEdge Energy bank supports full monitoring on the well-loved SolarEdge portal. As a SolarEdge integrated solution, you can control and monitor your PV generation, solar battery, EV charging and smart devices all on one platform. For smoother installation and a better customer experience.

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The SolarEdge Energy Bank

SolarEdge Energy Bank

10kWh SolarEdge Energy Bank

The new 10kWh SolarEdge Energy bank is High Voltage Solar Battery designed to make going solar, faster and simpler. With pre-installed meters and CTs, and SolarEdge’s integrated hub design, you can get a Solar PV system installed in no time. The Energy Bank comes with a 10 year warranty, with a minimum of 70% capacity at the end of the warranty period. At Deege Solar we can retrofit the Solaredge home battery to an existing system, or install it as parts of a full solar installation. 

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We’re pleased to announce that the SolarEdge Energy Bank is now arriving in the UK, and that the Deege Solar team will be one of the first certified to install them! These 10kWh solar batteries add the finishing touch to complete any SolarEdge home solar project. Designed to work specifically with the industry leading SolarEdge Energy Hub, install a SolarEdge Energy Bank at your home for more power and energy savings.

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